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Spring Cobia

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Does anyone know about the spring migration/movement of cobia on the Atlantic Coast? I've heard they are fairly close to shore in the sping but I've never talked to anyone who knows for sure. I am hoping to catch my first this spring.
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http://www.vims.edu/adv/recreation/tag/cobia.html http://www.fish4fun.com/cobia.htm http://www.fishmanforecasting.com/species_profiles.html
Looks like late march early april when the ideal temps reach 72+.
I have seen offshore reports that say their catching them in 67 to 69 degree temps now
just south of Sabastian Inlet.
Sounds like the migration is not that far off. http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/dsdt/wtg12.html

Hope it helps

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