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For All Sportcaster members
Anyone that wants to particapate on a team during a Sportcast USA tournament in the future be incouraged to do so. If you are not in a club or on a sponsored team you may put a team together. If you don't have a group to make up a team come to me and I will put the team together for you but only if casters are available and want to particapate. However if a tournament has begun and someone you want on your team arrives late he must already be on the sign in sheet AND team roster as a team member for that day .Absolutely no late entries on any team. I fully encourage team particapation but remember more teams more flag to measure so that may take additional time. Everyone that has a team please! on a seperate sheet of paper[ROSTER] AND the sign in sheet put each persons name,class and the team name before the event is started. If you don't have a team name make one up or we can do that for you. All teams will be treated the same be they made up or a World Champion.
Please do not summit any ides on any websites other than the Sportcast website or to me personally by phone,email or reg. mail
If you have aproached me about something and I didn't get back to you let me know. I forget things but not intentionaly.
Bob Sales
Director Sportcast USA
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