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First of all let me say thank you to everyone that attended the Sportcast S.E. Regionals and for all the help.
My first offical tournament as director was to say the least a great sucess.
The conditions on Saturday were perfect.We had a good 14 mile per hour wind at our backs and the temps. were near 80 degrees.
[The fish were bitting everywhere.]Ryan White had several of his friends net us some fish for a big fish fry Saturday evening and all were invited.Charlie Portaluppi cooked the best steaks I've ever tasted so surf and turf was enjoyed by all.Especally Mike Langton who ate three steaks and lets say SEVERAL fish fillets.I think between Ralph, Larry Brooks and myself we may have eaten enough fish to put several species on the endangered list.
The fish fry became the most talked about attraction of the week-end.Everytime it was mentioned on Sunday stomachs were rubbed and a slight groan was heard.
A big thanks from everyone to Ryan and Charlie for the great food. We may forget who won what this week-end but the enjoyment of Saturtday evening will last a life-time.
I will post the tournament results now.
Bob S
Director Sportcast USA
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