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Where and how will you be fishing?

Light inshore setup:

7' medium action 8-17lb rod with a fast tip, 2500 sized spinner 10# mono
A Daiwa BG15 is a good reel, as are many of the Shimano 2500-sized reels

Medium inshore setup:

7' medium/heavy action 12-20lb rod with a fast tip, 4000 sized spinner 12#-15# mono
A Daiwa BG20 is a good reel, as are many of the Shimano 4000-sized reels

I like the rod to have the classic "live-bait" action a fast tip with fairly heavy backbone.

For live bait fish big live shrimp,finger mullet, pogies/greenies or pinfish.

I have not caught many snook or tarpon on artificials so I cannot comment on them, other than I have seen big tarpon take Rapala/Yo-zuri/Mirrolures that look like mullet. I have had tarpon take the big 6" Storm Wild-Eye swim shad.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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