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Spinning Combo for Throwing Lures

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Looking for a spinning combo for working bait around the breakers and wash.. Budget is around $150. All advise is appreciated.
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Hey.. thanks for the info. I never heard of the Candy Company.. pulled them up and will be making a trip up there Saturday to see what they have. Thanks again
Thanks for the info.. still undecided here.. really looking for a setup to throw lures and gulp.. while soaking my other rods.. don't want anything that is going to wear me down during the process.. lol.. 55 isn't that old.. but it's at least 1/2 way gone.. 😂😂
Yep.. the way it breaks down is that I am Bait Caster guy.. (2) Blue Yonders (2)7000C3 I know.. I know.. but you dance with the one you brought and that is also the one I married for years now.. LOL!! So this will be my first spinning setup.. I saw a guy with about a 7.5 St. Croix rod and a shimano spinning reel and he was getting great distance working gulp and also throwing 52M series mirror lures while I was at the beach a few weeks back.. So I figured to try and get a setup to try out.. I want to thank everyone for their input!!
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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