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Spinning Combo for Throwing Lures

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Looking for a spinning combo for working bait around the breakers and wash.. Budget is around $150. All advise is appreciated.
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I love my Tsunami Airwave 8' 5/8oz-3oz and Shimano Sahara 2500. I know some guys like a longer rod but I am not in the market for a custom 9-9.5' rod. I also love this one for my kayak
I just saw you were in Harrisburg. Check out the Fleming Candy Company in Salisbury for good deals on rods and gear. Not a ton of stuff but great prices and things you will not get at BPS

I agree with all that CCP makes some killer rods but remember his budget of $150 for the set up
Went and looked at my rods this morning and forgot that I picked up a 9' BPS inshore extreame for metal (purchased it and only got to use it once before I have been pulled back from the beach time :()
Anyway it was $129 but a nice rod. Will go over budget with the Reel also but if you can find one used it is a good deal
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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