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Spinner rods

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Just looking for some opinions on heavier class spinner rods.....would like to be able to launch 6 with ease and maybe get 8 n bait out n to stay when the ocean is angry around full and new moon....never had a heavier class surf rod and I do things cheap mainly because of budget....anyway I've looked at a few around 100.... So what would you all prefer given the choice of tsunami trophy vs airwave vs Penn prevail vs anything around 100 that I may have missed....thanks!
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Two buddies have the penns and love them, I've thrown those and the heavier tica rods and prefer the ticas. Don't throw spinners anymore but if I did I would pick up a tica in that price range. Also have throw heavy OMs but don't like them just my opinion.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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