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Something to warm you up

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It's old report, end of June, the site and I were not getting along...

Went to BB for Daddies day. A few days before a big blow went through, water looked good though. Went out over 2nd walk over and went south. A man was set up, fishing hard with nice spread of 4 rods, had just come from a tournament somewhere and was using up bait. Nothing happening, not even mullet.
Walked a tad more, found a spot where 5 and bait was getting sucked out seawards. Nothing on bait anywhere not even in the suds. Finally got a blue on metal and sent Louisa up to let the man know. She comes back, a few minutes later the bluefish head had attracted some attention from big brother and zing! off it goes. He must of been blown off course, have never seen one that big at the end of June
There was also some dragonfly hunting and mining involved:)


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Nice to put a face to a name Geo.
The water looked excellent, really surprised there were no other fish.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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