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This is a custom Remington 1100 3" magnum. This gun started life as a 30" Full steel receiver model. About 12 years ago I had the custom work done by Dunbar Gun Works. Mr Dunbar is gone now but his work live on in many fine firearms in this area. I had this built for spring gobbler season but found that it shoots buckshot very well also. It's also the perfect jump gun when working dogs. Specks on gun as follows;

Remington 1100 3" magnum receiver with raised ventalated rib barrel
Barrel cut to 21"
Back bored and lengthened forcing cone
Ported barrel to reduce recoil and muzzel life
Drilled and tapped for Briley long choke tubes
Barrel tight fitted to receiver
Custom hand painted camo done with hard enamel and airbrush and sealed. 2nd barrel not finished

2nd barrel cut to 26" tricked out the same way minus the porting. This barrel I had set up for shooting low brass shells. I love to rabbit and dove hunt also.

All choke tubes fit both barrels. Improved, Modified and the .675 Xfull.

$550.00...picked up....will not ship...will not sell to under 21..This is a serious hunting weapon and needs to be used as such. The pics on here are not the best size so I can email the full size pics large and better quality.
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