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wondering if anyone has fished there latley?
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I fish at the navy rec center a couple of weekends ago. Caught a few croakers. I'm going with a couple of my boys today. Hoping to catch some crabs too.
Solomons is a good spot

I fished there alot some years ago;Spot,Croaker,White Perch,Bluefish,Stripers,And Flounder.I've heared of Trout being caught there but I think it was at night with a long cast toards the farthest bridge pilling.Lots of skates down there right now,but the put up a good fight.I can horse a big skate in with my Diawa 11' Elliminator.I lost a decent Striper down there some years ago;that when I learned about a pier net.I remember before the pier was built I caught Flounder casting bucktails along with toadfish:--->
I was refering to the public fishing pier on the northside of the river.
Anybody catching fish at Solomons public pier,or Town Creek?:confused:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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