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Soloman's, need help!

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Hey Guys,
I'm heading to Soloman's with my wife this weekend for a reunion. I've never been and am wondering if it would be a good idea to try to fish it or to continue on after the festivities and head to IRI.
Is there any publis access at Soloman's?
Any place to camp? How's the fishing? Is it adviseable to gear more for bay type fishing or heavier surf type tackle?
I don't care what I"m fishin for and am comfortable that I would have a good chance at IRI(as good as anyone, I guess) but would like to do something different if it's worth it.
Thanks Guys.
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There are plenty of places to fish around Soloman's and Lexington Park. However that said I would head over to IRI, the inlet is hot right now!...Tightlines
Listen to the Hat! IRI is super hot right now with stripers, trout, blues, and tog just waiting to be caught. You can use lures to fish the inlet then shoot over to the beaches in DE (3R's) or pier (Cape Henlopen) and relax with some surf fishing, sand and fun. ;)
Then that settles it.
Thanks Guys
Thanks Sandcrab.
I'm actually familiar with IRI and the Hotspot site.
It's Soloman's Island that I'm not familiar with and it's not
I like the upgrade.
Now for a Hotspots upgrade and I'll be set.
Thanks again.
There's a public pier next to the boat launch at Solomons. Just prior to heading over the bridge on Route 4 going South take a right and you'll see the entrance to the parking lot for the boat launch on your right.

I have had mixed results at that pier.
Lets see Fish while I am In Soloman's or go to IRI????? Gee I like to spend all my fishing time DRIVING. Don't think so:eek: :eek:
Yeah, you're right Oldsalt.
I just found out where Soloman's is while making my travel plans for the reunion.
I'm coming from W.V. and head to Bethany and IRI 6 or 8 times a year. I had no idea that it would be an additional 3.5 hrs to IRI from Soloman's after I had driven 3.5 hours to get to Soloman's.
Stupid me. I guessed that Soloman's was somehow on the way.
I will opt for the more time spent fishin and less spent driving.
So with that said, Where to camp? What to fish for an where? and do I need anything in partiular, ie. bug spray?
Solomans Need help

You are also about half an hour from Point Lookout State park.
Kayode if that didn't work try http://www.dnr.state.md.us/
click on parks and land and type in Point Lookout in the search area,that shuold get yuo there:eek: :eek:
Thanks Guys,
I had no idea I would be so close to Pt LO.
I haven't been ther since I was a kid.
I'm heading to that web link now
Thanks again.
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