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Jan. 17, 2003 Sandbridge Report,

Checked out Sandbridge beach today courtesy of Lee-Jackson Day (not the snow). Stopped first at the Market today on way in ~1230pm nothing happening. Drove on south to Little Island Park w/Daddies little girl in tow. Had her looking like the Michelin tire man when we hit the beach just hundred yards south of the pier, cold & blowing NW 15-20+ knots steady.

Soon as we popped over the dunes there they were the only game in town, Gannets and Gulls working heavy 300-500 yards off beach, from the end of the pier south stretching for about half a mile long.

From ~ 1-2pm watched as they worked away, sometimes in a tight ball with Gannets raining down at times looking like a shower curtain. Blind tossed a 6" Bunker colored Storm Wildeye from end of the pier - no soap :(

Even my little girl tossed her hookless (not yet 5) black/pearl plastic shad with her Scooby Doo rod to no avail.

Between the front and on-going beach replenishment water in the surf zone was like coffee w/cream which didn't help. Stinking pier needs another 1000' :mad:

So close, yet so far away !

Good fishin'


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Thanks for the report. I'm not sure which is worse, driving down there from Richmond and not seeing any sign of working birds or getting any fish with "blind" casting or seeing all those gannets and gulls working furiously just out of reach. I think I'll take at least seeing the boids out there. Thanks again.
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