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Fished again on this charter after finally finding some reserves. It's been full for the 4 weeks straight. The weather at the beginning was cloudy and cool until the afternoon when we were about to leave it started to clear up so nice weather didn't get burned by a hot sun. The fishing was mostly drop fishing with 10oz sinker for me. The catches started with ocean whitefish, and few other fish came along the way as the boat moved around Catalina Island in our 3/4 Day fishing. The boat was full but didn't tangle much which was great. Bait used was live sardines, and squid. Some people threw metals caught barracuda. One person caught a keeper Halibut that was at least 4 Feet long which was cool. Another caught a Yellowtail about the same size.

My catches were 8 Ocean Whitefish 1 was thrown back, 1 3LB Blue Bass Keeper, 1 Opaleye Keeper, and 1 4LB Sheepshead Keeper. All caught on small pieces of squid. Live sardines wasn't really working for people except for a few catches of Bonito, and Barracuda. Nearly all the Barracudas were caught on heavy metal lures. Didn't lose gear in this trip after switching my line to 40lb Big Game. My dad however caught less fish since he kept on bird's nesting his line, I think he was using the wrong reel for casting live bait.

Catalina Island
Body of water Sea Sky Water Mountain

Bird Seabird Beak Gull European herring gull

Fishing On! :fishing:
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