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Arrived on the pier at around 10am. The people were complaining that fish weren't biting so I already knew it was going to suck. Anyways I paid for all day parking so I didn't want to waste my $20 spent on parking as nearly all the parking was taken. The pier was full of tourist and fisherman alike. I used my usual gear of ugly stick 8FT and my bps breakwater 12FT heaver. I used fishbites bloodworms, cut/whole squid, whole sardines, and shrimp. I had one big chomp on a whole squid on my heaver. The fish cut it in half. Other than that no action going on. I only saw 2 kelp bass pullage and plus lost another sinker lol. The weather was windy cool in the morning leading to sunny and windy afternoon. Fished for about 6 hours before calling it quits.

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