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So Cal Report: 06/13/2016 PCH Surf Fishing

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Today went near point mugu rocks to go fishing by the beach. I had a good setup with my 12ft heaver, however ended up fighting loads of giant kelp. Managed to get my line stuck in a rocky area with kelp wrapping around my line. I was able to save my gear but not a good day of fishing. The only thing that ate my fish bait was the seagull nearby since he looked hungry so fed him and left. This was one of days rare days I go surf fishing. My next trip will be on charter boat or a pier I have yet to visit. I miss Virginia fishing and those pesky quick biting croakers.

Fishing On! :fishing:
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Croakers are pesky but at least provide some pullage. Was catching seaweed last week on an east wind...it was ugly.
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