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Here is my new and improved snakehead worm....

This does much better in the weeds and has a more natural wiggle to it.

When you pull it through the water, it looks like a leach. I like red worms.

Notice that the hooks are at the furthest 'ends' of the worm - this is key.....also the worm should 'bunch up' a little more to make it appear more 'alive.'
I liked you rig so much I made one of my own like yours! I used 6" Yamamoto Yamasenko worms. Nice and fat and the color is black and red. I will be up early next weekend fishing these down at my marina. A lot of big fish have been pulled there recently. Lot's of big Bass and Catfish. Quite a few Snakeheads also from a friend of mine. I will post pic's when I can.
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