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With Isabel breathing down our necks, thought I might get your juices pumping a bit. ;)

Sept. 12, 2003
Fishin lately has been something else. I go down to the weed bowl and see 5 campers and 10 buggies. Nobody is fishin? What is the point of this? You can go camping at Yellowstone. Or maybe they wait till midnight. Anyway, they all left at sunset, cause they didn't see any birds. THERE AIN'T NO BIRDS YET! The bait is not thick, BUT THE BASS ARE! How about fishin when you go fishing..... I had 5 fish last night in the bluff area. Two over 20 pounds. Conditions are looking good for no seeum blitz action this weekend... if you got the onions to get beat up in a 5-7 ft. swell..... You know what.... Just stay home.... I'll tell you how it was........
...taken from Paul's website

Here's on of his nicer fish
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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