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Sinkers at SPSP

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How much weight do you guys usually find necessary at Sandy Point? And do you use the "sputnik" or Breakaway style of sinker? Or pyramids? Or bank/bass-casting style?

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I was using 4oz. pyramids but FisherSteve was using 6oz. and getten way out in the fish zone,each time he threw out far and sat his rod into the holder,he was reeling in a croaker or a nice size Rock on blood worms. He was using 3-12' rods and nailing the fish each time. :eek:
Pyramids or sputniks work well there. Remember with the sputniks that once you cast out you can not move your bait as with the pyramid sinkers. The sputnik wires release with tension - and once released, lose their holding power.

The bank sinkers have a tendency to roll with the current as do ball sinkers.

The croakers are way out there - about 300'.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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