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Sheepshead at the Jetties?

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Has anyone had any luck with sheephead at the jetties? If so is there any advice you can offer. I know the boat guys do well, but they can fish a more vertical angle to detect the nibbles better and then they can power the fish away from the rocks instead of into them.

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Is there a place to dig up some fiddler crabs you can access without a boat? I was just going to take a shovel or seomthing and catch them by hand. The only place i could think of was cherry grove in the inlet, but its so far.
My experience with fiddlers is that you don't dig them up. I have encountered numerous crabs in the marsh grass up in the sound. Take a cardboard box or a cooler, lay it flat on the ground. Set a couple of two by fours at a forty degree angle from the box edges to form a corral of sorts and drive them into the trap. JMO......
Don't know if they are there or not. Used to see hundreds at a time in the marsh grass up in the inlet in morehead city. You could probably use a fine mesh net and catch them as well if they are around. They tend to run away from you, that's why I say you can corral them. Good luck. Sheepshead are good eats.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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