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First off, awesome site! Reminds me of huntingpa.com which i frequently use. I'm from PA and I'm heading to the beach at the end of August and wanted to do some shark fishing from shore. I did some research on the net and think i got most of my answers but i wanted to be sure. Few questions, actually a bunch, haha.

What type of reel spinning/casting?

What length of rod should i use? 10-12ft...?

What action rod MH/H?
MH or H...?

Braided line? What pound?

And how much line should i have on my reel?
250-300 yards?

Does color of your line matter?

What length and pound leaders should i use?
Read a lot of different things on this question. Need some help on this one.

What size hooks?

Whats the best/easiest way to get your bait out besides kayaking it out?
Walk into the water and make a good cast lol...?

How far out does your bait have to be?

Also any advice on bait and how to rig bait?- read the best way is to catch your own fresh fish and use cut up chunks...? any help here would be appreciated.

Also would i be able to use one of my regular 7 foot spinning rods, with say 20lb line, a 12 inch leader, an ocean sinker, and some shrimp to catch my shark bait? And so i can use this set up to fish while i got my shark rig in waiting for a strike!

Thanks for any and all the help guys, i did some research and think i know what to get but want to be sure before a buy anything. any other tips? i'd love to hear them
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