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Sharing Room for Aug.8th/9th casting clinic

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Coming from Richmond, VA on Friday the 8th for this great event. If interested, have a room reserved at Dutch Inn in New Castle and offering a ride up to the event. No wise cracks boys; happily married and not looking for a change! Just good conversation during the casting event and exchanging fishing stories. Looking forward to meeting all in a few weeks, John (VA-Apraisr).:cool:
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John!!!!!!!! where ya been hidin fella??

Heard of some bigguns down on Okie this past weekend...in JULY!

Might be the place this fall to try. Found me a purty blue Outcast too....cant wait to get it all done up nice;)

Hey Adam. Got lots of good ones down at Ocracoke so didn't do much Point fishin. Still got the upper half of my blue OC rod but haven't got a bottom section for it....love that color! Still have the orange/purple blank but use that heavy 2/1 mostly. Was hoping some locals were heading up to DE for this thing. Will report back to you on any results.....still gotta keep you in my rearview mirror!! ;)
Whatcha gonna do with that orange/purple blank?????

Sold my 2/1, just couldnt get a good rythem down with it. Like my Lami a whole lot better, and got a good deal on the Outcast which is similar, prolly better. Gonna go try it this weekend.

Rearview mirror eh? Im gonna catch em this fall, might try a few ES Barrier Island trips if I can get Mark and his boat to go. You oughta come down and fish the F&F Tourney!

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