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Sept (what to expect)

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Taking a long weekend trip to obx sept15-19. Was wondering what to expect as far as water temps, species caught etc. hoping to get into some blues, Spanish, maybe a big red drum. Usually fish in June so sept is new to me. Any advice on drum rig setups? I've heard bottom rug with single hook and cut mullet works. Also if anyone has tips on bottom fishing for Cobia. I seen some posts about it. Thanks for all the help. Tight lines and God bless.
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I'm a red drum newbie so again any advice would help. Can you purchase these drum rigs say at tws? What about water temps? Thanks again for help guys keep em coming or pm me.
Yes,I'm sure TW's has them,although your can make your own with no problem... If you look in Fishing Bible of this web page,there is no doubt there is a thread there somewhere that can tell you exactly how to build one....
Oh,and to address your original question.. There will be lots of finger mullet in the surf.. Plenty of bluefish and some Spanish as well.. Hoping for a cobia is beating a dead horse,but you can sure try.. Drum is a possibility,although you'd be better off looking for pups that time of year,especially in the sound..
Generally its pretty late in the year to be catching Kings or Cobia. But fish the conditions. Water temp will depend on wind direction. If the wind is NE or E and the water is warm and clear, try for a King. On September 19th last year I hung two Kings from a pier and saw a Cobia mouth a bait. We had a light NE wind and warm clear water. The next day the NE popped up to 30mph and the water got rough and muddy. That was the end of King/Cobia for the year, but several big Drum were caught. I remember meeting Drumdum for the first time one of those nights.

Anyway, chances are, you're gonna want to be Drum fishing.
My how things have changed.. I can remember "back in the day" stories of kings blitzing on n obx piers in sept,and into oct.. Matter of fact I would put sept down as the BEST MONTH I ever had kinging "back in the day".... haha Can remember one year kings were caught on the old Frisco pier on Thanksgiving.. Sorry 1BadF350,couldn't help myself.... :p

You did not mention kings before,but yes in sept you can catch them if those "unicorns" appear.... :D
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