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Got invited to go out on the Midnight Wind, another great dude named John. He's a regular poster on some local websites here in the SENC and believe it or not fishes more then I do. Most if not all of the CB and WB offshore people around know at least of him. Anyhow, couldn't ask for a better Tuesday. (The SENC offshore forecast moved back a day). I've got to say, John is top Notch, Safe, Knows some chit, and wants to Fish;Bottom line.

We broke water out of CB inlet about 0700 with spanish running bait up onto the bar but never looked back. The Atlantic had layed down so well we made about 32 knots with the ability to walk around the boat like it was a floating dock on a sandbar.

We made it out to roughly 55 miles then backtracked in to about 48 to 45 trolling ballyhoo with skirts. We started making good on the leftover dolphin that were still around from the past few weeks in no time.

At one point I saw a silver flash go by the starboard aft through the prop wash at the short bait 20 feet behind the boat and it was at a 90 degree angle before it broke the clip on the transom. We had talked of getting a hoo early but it was still a surprisde when we got the little 2-0 pounder to the boat. This was the first Wahoo I have ever seen caught on the boat I was on. (Yes, I'm inexperienced)

We made a day out of gaffer Mahi, not losing one that hooked up. (A few short strikes that we didn't even detect)
Not being one to omit the respect of any enemy, one Cuda hooked up on the long line but quick work was made of him for the release.

My bro Kyle (KYoung490 here on P&S) was also along for the haul and didn't need any tampons this trip. (Another story but he's getting the hang of paleagic fish quickly.)

At the decision to pick up gear and run in, we were hauling it in when the last Mahi picked up the last bait in the water behind a planer as we were ideleling. I got Kyle set up earlier in the day with a bare hook ready for pitching cutbait and it almost paid off but the Dolphin spit the hook, we couldnt get he others with him to bite either.

The Feesh Tacos.....I've eaten them two days in a row and WOW! But the Wahoo we did tonight in the first picture was the B-O-M-B!

Mahi the first day....Hoo the second.....MMMM-GOOD!


Ed with the Hoo

Kyle bent on his first Mahi...Ever

Ed, Scale-ez on other boards, He was a huge help, and lots of learning had with this guy.

John (Midnight, The Captain,) with Ed after another "Phin"

Kyle and I had the only bent rod double.

Taking picture of a picture being taken.

I just love to see people catch fish...You couldn't punch the smile off of Kyle's face anytime during the day.

Lastly, on the way in some photo ops....
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