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SENC Cobia

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I know it's kind of early, but with the way I read the regs season will be open to shore anglers all week. Was hoping for some local insight on what the best pier to hit up would be. I've seen alot of pictures of J Mercer's with some nice ones, but the price is kind of high. Any insight?
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King fisher".... Are you wanting to know what the regulations are going to be for 2017 for NC water 0 to 3 miles? Is that what you're asking?
Well we see a lot more cobia up north on the piers than you do down south. The regs for NC aren't out yet but I'm told they are going to be about the same as last year.. The days that boat fishermen can fish hasn't been determined as well as the season dates.

Over the last three or four years if you haven't caught one off a pier by Labor Day weekend it's pretty much over on the northern beaches. Started up in the middle of May. The main thing we have to look at is wind direction and water temperatures. I think Avalon did much better than Jennette's as far as numbers, then Nags Head Pier would be a close third. We only decked about four or five kings on Jennette's last season.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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