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SENC Cobia

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I know it's kind of early, but with the way I read the regs season will be open to shore anglers all week. Was hoping for some local insight on what the best pier to hit up would be. I've seen alot of pictures of J Mercer's with some nice ones, but the price is kind of high. Any insight?
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I would get a season pass at the pier with the most Hotties which usually means the pier with the biggest parking lot and least aggressive parking lot enforcement.

Back in the day I always fished Nags Head Pier on the Northern OBX because of the Hot waitresses that worked in the pier house restaurant.

I would also put out a bottom bait on a heaver, have to go through a lot of Rays and Sharks to get the Cobia, but the Cobia do a lot of feeding on the bottom and when you have one on a Drum rod with a 9/0 hook you can really put the heat on him, unlike if you are worried a little #6 Treble is going to fall out or straighten.

You get grief from some of the pin riggers but if the water is not really clear, I would rather have a bait on the bottom.

You just have to take care to be able to break off any Shark or Ray before he gets into a King Rig and put the heat on whatever hits your bait to try and get him to the surface to have a look at what type of Flattosaurus you have on.

Biggest Cobia I ever had on in my life was on a bottom bait of center cut jumping mullet with Abu 9000 and a Surf Stick, fish got off but that is okay, I still remember getting him on top and watching him swim offshore about 200 yards from the end of the pier. That was 25 years ago on Rodanthe Pier early May.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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