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SENC Cobia

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I know it's kind of early, but with the way I read the regs season will be open to shore anglers all week. Was hoping for some local insight on what the best pier to hit up would be. I've seen alot of pictures of J Mercer's with some nice ones, but the price is kind of high. Any insight?
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Hello, Chances of catching a cobia on the beach (pier) in NC in February are about zero. Even though water temp is ~55 at WB, it is still 10 deg below cobia's low range. Kure pier is closed but lets people on. View on Surf Chex. Other piers as well. Dogfish and skates. good - luck.
Sorry I read your post wrong. Yes to the above, the option of bait on bottom - live or dead. And at night also. If you like Mercer's, go for it. I had rather be bout anywhere than WB. good - luck - glenn
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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