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We just returned from a week of family vacation at North Topsail. Fished the Seaview Pier 5 days. Targeted Spec Trout with live shrimp and did OK, also landed a few blues, one keeper flounder and several that were short. My daughter caught a 4lb black drum and one 24" ladyfish - was a real blast to watch here bring in the ladyfish! Had a great time, really enjoyed the Pier and company there!

Shrimp were a bit hard to come by, but the best bait by far. Sand Fleas were in the surf, but I only caught one short flounder off the beach. Did catch a couple Pompano off the Pier, but none from the surf. Seaview was much more productive, we saw several nice fish landed, Spec Trout were still good, and lots of sheepshead.

I heard several comments that the near shore boats were doing great for Dolphin, finding grass at only 10 miles out. Seemed like many were surprised to still be catching Trout and even more so to find the big Dolphin that close. I didn't call any of the charters to ask myself, enjoyed the Pier plenty for me!

Early morning was definitely best for us, tried late evening a couples with no luck. Also, did try some of the new Gulp shrimp and peeler crab with limited results. I did catch fish on both, but no where as good as with live shrimp. Seemed like they let go of the gulp quick, while they really took the live shrimp. No surprise there really, but when you run out - can at least keep fishing. Did through some gotchas and mirrolures, but no luck.

All in all a great week, great fishing, and beautiful weather....
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