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Seaview 4/11-12

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Started just before 6 PM on Sunday throwing a bucktail + Gulp around the wash. Caught 3 short flounder in about a hour ( 14", 14.5", 11" ). Hooked would appeared to be keeper, but he shook off (note to self : get a drop net). Bottom fished 8PM- 1:30 AM, whiting bite was not hot but those that did hit were nice keepers. Lots of little puffers and skates. A few small croakers that I kept for cut bait for next day. Finished with about 15 fish in the box.

Started back up again 8 AM. Was hoping that the blues would show up, but nothing doing there. I did have a flounder hit my bucktail and it dislodged from the small snap swivel. Tied up another rig and about 20 minutes later I saw the same fish darting at the jig near a piling - I could see the previous chartreuse Gulp teaser lurking around him. He backed off and when I reeled in my line it snagged the original rig and up he came, but he was short, too.

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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