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Searching for Mr Brown????(COBIA)

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My vacation starts today, I am off until the 16th and I would like to get down to Buckroe to see if I could run across Mr Brown. Does anyone think there may be any in the area? I was thinking about sometime this weekend. I live in Fredericksburg, VA so Hatteras is about 6 hours away I was looking for somewhere closer. :confused: :cool:
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I know a 26# was caught in the bay the other day and I heard of another. I gotta sneakin suspicion we are real close and I wouldn't be surprised if the first planker was caught this weekend.Besides I read a post that Cdog is doin a pool tournament so that increases the chances.Odds favor goin south but I would sure hate to wake up and see in the paper some other local planker holdin MY cobe. Might see ya out there. the R
Thanks R,

I may see you down there. I will be the one with the RED suffix line on both of my setups. :cool:
BigT ...you might want to consider the weather forcast for Sat. as they are calling for 80% chance of rain and strong storms in this area.You might want to compare it to obx.Wouldn't want to start a vacation on a sour note....the R
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