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seagull report

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Went to seagull pier this am arrived around 4. Bait was very scarce. Fished bottom with bluefish and around 11am I got a smoking run. Seen it was a cobia/ fought it for about 30 minutes. It ended up 3/4 of the way towards the entrance of the pier and with some great help from some other fisherman we were able to net it. Took it to the weigh station and it topped out at 50lb 4oz/ 56 1/2in long. So needless to say I had a pretty good fathers day! It had about 20 manta shrimp and 4 baby flounder in its stomach. Im going to try and send some pics to the board... tight lines.....geo
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Congrads Geo,thats a nice fathers day. I got my first today,report on NC board.

Going to give my dad a late fathers day gift wed. fresh grilled cobia.
Wow! That's a great Father's Day gift. I can't wait to see the pics. Congratulations.
Alright!! Congradulations on the catch! Trying to decide here, at 12:48 a.m. Monday, which pier to hit myself...

...btw, is a 'manta' shrimp anything like a 'mantis' shrimp?

Tight Lines,

yeah thats what I am talking about. my bad
Congrats, thats a great fish. Werre you fishing the Blue live or cut??
Congratulation on the fish and you earned your self a virginia saltwater citation. :D :D
Very cool! Sounds like a great catch geo.

Incidentally, here's a mantis shrimp:

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WTG geo!

You were definitely in the right place at the right time. GREAT JOB getting that COBE! Hope the next one soon follows. Looking forward to seeing the picture. One more for the gallery. It's time to fill er up.
Nice Work GEO!!!

I walked onto the pier just as you were bringing the cobe out to the end--i'm the guy you gave the rest of your bait to :) thanks for that, and nice fish!!!!!

I used some of the bluefish and also caught 2 baby spot (put one on the bottom, and on on a float right--but didnt have any runs :( -- had to leave at 4 and gave the rest of the bait to tim--i hope he caught one after i left
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