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Seagull Report (Fathers Day)

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Sharkslayer Old man and I fished seagull on fathers day. Arrived around 4am caught some croaker and one bluefish, water looked real good. Had the blue on a pin rig fished bottom and had live croakers on bottom. Didnt get any runs, caught a few skates. Conditions looked real good but didnt see any. Maybe next week.........Had more fun with the tourists ;) geo
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I guess we need to listen to james geo and fish grandview.:D
Im going to seagull this weekend Brandon we need to start chumming friday evening till we leave on sunday. Geo can you fish this weekend??? miss shark fishing from there.
We need to get like 2 50 pound slabs of bunker and a gallon of bunker oil.
Maybe , Sun seems to be my fishing day these days since I dont have friday off anymore. Get the water good and smelly for me so I can slayem after you guys leave..just kid. geo
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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