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Seafood Batter & Fillet Knife

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What kind of batter do you guys use? I was down in Rappahonick river down in VA this weekend and caught bunch of croakers and greenback perch. Used this seafood batter called "something" Autry, it was delicious.

Also, do you guys prefer regular or electronic fillet knife?
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I usually use Zatarans Fish Fri. Little spice to it, fries up real nice. I haven't used an electric knife, but I could see where it would come in real handy cleaning a mess of croaker.

You might be speaking of House Autry Mills Seafood Breader. They make a great hush puppy mix too. Honestly I think all thier products are great. You can find them online at;

Geez, now I'm hungry.:)

Thats the one! Thanks. I'm gonna buy bunch of bags of these and let my wife taste some yummy fresh seafood.
Try the hush puppy mix too. Go to thier website and check out all the good eats.
I personaly use cornmeal when I going to fry my fish.
House Autry and Zataran's are both excellent. I also like cracker meal or Italian bread crumbs. Sometimes I add some Cajun seasoning to the latter two.
Usually just use a combo of seasoned flour and cracker crumbs(saltines put in the food processor).......for shrimp or small filets, will also add some bread crumbs for quicker browning.

Also hard to beat "beer batter" (one cup beer, one cup self rising flour, let sit for 2 hours, dip and deep fry)

Electric fillet knives, will work, don't like them.....:D
have you tried golden dipt. it's good also.:cool: :cool:
try slicing up potatoes fry style and coat them with House Autry chicken breader and then deep fry them...The chicken breader also tastes good on soft shells:)
if ya gotta fry....

...House Autry, "mildly hot" breader!
the only way to go!
1/2 yellow corn meal & 1/2 flour. Salt & pepper and Old Bay. That's only half the secret, the other half is to use a cast iron skillet.

House Autry is great!

My favorite is to finely crush a hand full of pretzels in a blender along with a bit of flour, Old Bay and a bit of black pepper.

Dip fish in a beaten egg and coat with pretzel mix.

Potato chips can be subbed for pretzels for something a bit different.

Try it. You'll like it. :)

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I use Shorelunch Mix

I got it at Gander Mountain and haven't stopped using it. It's rather inexpensive. The last time I bought some, I got a twin pack with a Repala lure with it and it only cost 3.95. Some people don't like the italian blend of theirs. Well thats my 2 cents.
house autrey was sold at food lion stores. old frank white used to tout it on tv. he was the southern sportsman.
House Autry is also my favorite. I add a little Old Bay. My wife bread oysters with the stuff and puts them in the fridge for about an hour before she fries them. OUTSTANDING!
Zaterans,Cracker meal,Cajun seasoning,and Wye River seasoning is what I like to use.I also tried some Caribbean Jerk seasoning on grilled fish and that was great.Maybe I'll try Curry seasoning on those fish?
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