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Sea Eagle FKS16 inflatable (Year End Review)

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So, thought I would give a year end review of the FishSkiff16. My original post when I ordered and after I had taking it to the coast fishing can be read here: Going over to inflatables.. So, took the FKS16 to the coast in April and October for a month each time. The boat fished flawless with absolutely no complaints. Since we Camp right on the sound, putting the boat in and taking out was easy with the two wheel cart I purchased from Sea Eagle. The 6HP Mercury I purchased worked perfect with the boat allowing us to go in as little as 6” of water. We fished the sound going out 4-5 miles. Unfolding and folding was easy with my wife helping. The only complaint was while folding up at the end of our October trip, I noticed the transom board had rubbed two places on the inside of the inflatable. See pictures attached. I contacted Sea Eagle when we returned home and sent them the pictures. Sea Eagle shipped my boat back to the company for inspection. Then after a week I was contacted again by Sea Eagle and told they were sending me a brand new replacement. Now the new replacement was the new improved FKS 16 which is 20 lbs. lighter than its predecessor. Weighing in at just 92 lbs. versus the previous 112 lbs. It's also incredibly stronger due to the fusion welding process and much easier to fold and pack up. The transom on the new FKS16 doesn’t rub or touch either of the insides. So, all in all I have to say that Sea Eagle is a top notch company that stands behind their boats. I also am building a break down boat trailer to take with me on my April trip. Allowing me to transport the boat to different places on the coast where we use to haul our kayaks to and fish. I’ll make a post on the trailer when I finish.
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Yes it plains off with the 6hp with two people. On a clear day I’ve had it up to 16mph. On a windier day it’s around 12mph. Fast enough for me and fishing.
I looked at these when you initially posted on the ib forum. VERY nice, but the $ kinda threw me. Getting over that now, nothing worthwhile is cheap.
Wondering, how well it handles wakes ? Are you careful to hit them head on ? how about parallel ?
Self-bailing ... I like that.
Thanks Papa-T
(BTW, are you Mr. T's dad ?) :unsure:
Where there's a will ..... there's a way.
Looks really nice !
Good job PT.
You're getting the best of both worlds there.
Thanks for the post,
I actually prefer the 8", which were original on my Teenie w/a 14' Sylvan.
I put 12's on it for the reasons mentioned, and to give the axle a tad more ground clearance when off the road.
But, the 8's are far better at the ramp. Don't need to back near as far into the water to float it off as with the 12's.
This spring, I'll be putting the 8"s back on.
The only issue I might have is that there is no suspension system for the trailer ... except for the tires alone.
Your boat might be cushioned by the strap, but the axle will likely take a beating.
Perfect for slowly around the lot though. I'd just be very attentive and careful.
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