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Hello All, My annual trip to Tybee is coming up The week of May 14-20. The wife and I want to do some fishing,:fishing: Yea Im blessed, the wife loves to fish too.:D
Planning on one day offshore that week and the rest in the surf and maybe the pier. Hope to see some of the board members there. :beer: (share some brew on me). Maybe learn some things. ALSO::: If this is not appropriate then please delete it..... Savannah is going to be invaded by more antique tackle than you have ever seen. Unprecedented tackle show at the National Guard Armory:eek:
May 15-16. In attendance will be the Carolina Antique tackle collectors the National Fishing Lure collectors club. The Florida Antique tackle collector club and also invited is the Old reel collectors club. This is a first for combining shows for the clubs.
And if anyone wants to share the day offshore with me let me know. No definate date for that yet.
Thanks and tight lines
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