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Jighead and I fished New Pass Bridge Jan. 3rd, afternoon/night with a little action on live shrimp. 12" mangrove snapper and a small silver trout for Wild Bill and a "squirrel" Fish ? and a oyster toad for me. The sea creatures follow me everywhere :rolleyes: Jighead had another fish on when the local John Law ran us out of the park which apparently closes at 11pm :p

Jan. 4th, morning fished South Lido Beach where Bill bagged ~10 small bonnett head shark (look like baby hammerheads) and I landed a few 12-14" whiting all live shrimping. Worked a variety of lures to no avail. Hit Hart's Landing Pier at base of Ringling Causeway Bridge where Bill rounded out our species development program by landing a lizard fish :D

And I be remiss if I did not mention that Mama Feltner AKA Nanna Anna caught a nice flounder at Lido Beach on the 3rd. She's only reminded me about it a dozen times and it grows in size each time ;)

Better catchin' FLA - back to VA,


FLA summary: ~ 30 hrs fishin' over 4 days at 7 fishing locations w/some 8+ different types of fish which left us wondering what we were going to catch next :cool:
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