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Sanibel Causeway

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Sanibel Causeway/Punta Rassa (8:00 - 2:00)

Decided to try out the 'causeway...traffic is a mess! Started out wade fishing Punta Rassa. Saw a few bust just out of reach...didn't look like anyone else had any luck either. Despite not having any live bait I decided to try the bridge. Non of the live baiters had any luck! I decided to through the box at them...rewarded with two Jacks. Slow tide(all day incoming) and bottleneck dolphins so thick you could walk across them! Guess I was lucky to get what I got! ;)

Tight lines,

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I decided to through the box at them...
Im a newbie, could you please tell me what this means.

At least you had a couple jacks on your line today. Better than getting skunked.
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