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Sandy Point Cleanup Project

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Just got off the phone with Ranger Tindall regarding our cleanup project.

Here's the scoop on when, where, and why:

  • When - Saturday the 17th of May from 8:00 12:00. Meet at 8:00 AM SHARP.

    Where - Sandy Point State Park. We will meet at the Sandy Point State Park Marina Office. The office is located to the right of the boat slips in the marina area. The entrance to the marina is located on your right after the toll plaza. If you see a lot full of trucks, trailers, and boats on trailers - that is the marina lot.

    Why - To promote good friendship between fisherman/fisherwomen and SPSP and to show our appreciation for everything the park has provided to us - good fishing, relaxation, and way to spend a beautiful day or night getting away from the stresses of everyday life.

    What - In anticipation for the memorial day crowds that flock to the park, our job will be to scrap and paint the parking bumpers in the South Parking lot. This lot is the last parking area on your right before you come to the end of the park road circle turn-around. See map below.

    What to bring - long pants, long sleeved shirt or T-shirt, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, something to protect your knees from constant kneeling on concrete (plywood board, cutting board, cardboard, etc.) and plenty of water. Do not wear sandals (closed or open toe) as they will not protect your feet as well as sneakers or boots will. Remember - you will be kneeling for four hours scraping and painting while kneeling on a concrete parking lot.

    What they will provide - Safety goggles to prevent you from flying paint chips when scraping, paint and paint brushes, and pry bars so we can move skewed parking bumpers back in their correct position.

    Rain Date - None scheduled. In the event of rain, the volunteer event will be cancelled. We can still fish and have a BBQ if this is the case. Suggest that everyone bring whatever Husky asked you to bring to the event, and in the cast of rain, you can take it home or stay - at your leisure.

SPSP Ranger Office - (410) 974-2149. They can provide information if needed.

Anyone that has not signed up yet can still do so as we have plenty of time. If you want to volunteer to help, please let HuskyMD and I know. I will place your name on the volunteer list and Husky will let you know what he needs for the BBQ event.

Additionally, anyone that is signed up that has not received the code for the entrance to the park, please send me an email or PM.

Any questions? :)
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Snndcrab...Check your email.


Check your email.
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