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Sandcrab wounded

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I am sorry to announce that I will not be able to help with our painting project on Saturday at SPSP. Yesterday, during a routine hospital visit, they found a large growth on my back and I ended up having emergency (and unexpected) back surgery. :eek: After the smoke cleared and they were done slicing and dicing (20 sixteen stitches later), I can barely stand and have a hard time walking. Thank goodness for pain pills. ;)

Although I cannot stand or walk for long periods of time and will be unable to help with our painting project, I will be there to help set up for the BBQ so our volunteers will have something to eat after working up a sweat. Hopefully, I will be able to hang around long enough to meet everyone who has volunteered for such a worthy cause. :D

Catman - Sorry :( but I will not be able to do any fishing as this may hurt my back and tear out my stitches. I'll still be there early to check out the fishing scene.

Husky - I will bring the potato and macaroni salad as promised.
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You should had told the Dr. Surgery would have to wait until after saturday. Just kidding. Hope you get better quickly. Enjoy the pain meds. Hell maybe you can just bring those for the bar b que. Then maybe while everyoone is doped up I may have a chance to get the biggest stripper. :D
LOL! :D Maybe I'll bring my rods and have someone cast out for me - and of course - I will do the reeling in if I get a hit! ;)
Very funny Sandcrab.
Catman, yoo still going early to fish? I am thinking I will still fish from 4 - 8 and do the work from 8 - 12.
Hey Guys,

What time will you guys be arriving at the park. I have never been there and i dont want to get lost.I would like to get there early enough to fish with you guys. Hey Sandcrab, Im not a lure fisherman but give me an idea of what kind of lure to bring for the biggest striper contest. Also i sent you a PM.I look forward to meeting all of you who wil be participating in the cleanup.


"Remember,the further you cast the longer it takes to bring the big ones in." ;)

Hope you have a speedy recovery from the surgery and no more problems arise as a result there of. You have a long road ahead with retirement, the move, new employment....and you gotta start that boat project soon. So.....take it easy cause we do heal slowly. Meaning everyone over the age of 30. :rolleyes:
OK, thought he was joking.
Sadcrab (yes, I left out the D on purpose), hope you heal up well. If not, your back won't be able to handle that OM and Daiwa reel. In the unforunate event that you are never able to fish again, you could give it to me.
In my family there is this sick practice of putting your name on the back of things if you want them when the owner dies.
Sandcrab...Sorry to hear about the surgery. Hope your recovery in quick. Better it happened now rather than later when you move. I'm sorry to that we can't fish together Sat. morning but there'll be many more chances down the road.

Husky...If you're going to be there at 4:00AM so will I unless it's pouring down rain. I'll email you later.

Sandcrab.have a speedy recovery, and hope it's a complete one. i know how you feel,as i had 120 stiches in my stomach in sept and couldn't do anything. hang in there anfd it will heal. good luck and god speed. :) :) ;)

Thanks and good luck at the Nationals.

MC - A saltwater topwater plug, a GotCha plug, or a striper bucktail/worm will work for the plug selection. No big buck items please! Also, I will be meeting Catman at the SPSP toll plaza around 4 AM if you want to join us.
I understand how these things of life popup at the most unopportune time in our lives. I had same thing happen to me with colon infection and lymes disease. many in my life are within the confines of such life's experiences such as ours. The only thing left over with ourselves is GOD,fishing, and a freind when we need the help most. sorry to hear such things, although you can probably be assured that that unexpected surgery bought many more years for you, and fishing dear sir. BTW. if i dont get gate code, will be there with a roomate which rents from me(his second time in life surf fishing with his new 12' ugly)most likely he will have to pay along with myself. otherwise he wanted to join in on the situation as well, even though he isnt a pierandsurf.com person yet.


leonard morrissette

[email protected]
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this should show some insight that bigger is better yet!
Sandcrab, sorry to hear about your surgery. Glad everything is ok.
I hurt my shoulder and tried fishing last night. It hurt too much. Combine that with the fact that I have to pick up my family at BWI late saturday night, I'm not going to show up at SP at 4 AM. I'm not going to show up at SPSP until 8 AM. I may try and fish a little after we eat, but I'm not even sure about that.
Sandcrab,If you are serious about your medical condition and not just making a sick joke then I hope that you recover completly.I do not understand what all of this talk about having a cleanup at spsp is all about to begin with.That park is supported by taxes and liscence fees.It is used mostly by immagrants who can not seem to put their trash where it belongs. The park has a fully operational cleanup crew.Save your energy for fishing.
Husky...Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Hope it heals OK. Maybe it's fitting that the clean up was cancelled. Sooner or later we'll get to fish together. I'm still looking for a 23' to 26' Walkaround boat.


Yes, I did get back surgery. Twenty stitches worth.

The park, like all other parks, has lots of volunteer programs. The program is designed to enable citizens to help out the park with routine stuff like cleanup, lawn care, even administative and office tasks.

Check out the MD parks homepage and you will see lots of volunteer programs where the locals can show their support for all the things that the park has given to them by volunteering their time.

As far as the park being used "mostly by immagrants who can not seem to put their trash where it belongs" - I do not think that is a far assumption. The park is used by lots of "fisherpersons" and yes, some of them leave trash on the beach. Just do what I do whenever the fishing is slack - I take time to clean up the surrounding area around me. Imagine what the park would look like if everyone cleaned up the area around them - whether or not it was their trash to start with. ;)
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Jeffster,I would be very carefull saying that it sounds like sterotyping :p ;) :) .I'm sure they all don't do that its all people.White Trash,hoodlums,snots,etc :D .How do you know who did it anyway :mad: :p :p ??????
Fished SP on Saturday and got skunked,on my arrival found several fisherman and about nine empty beer bottles on the beach, since trash bags are provided free I took the trash to the dumpster close to the parking lot. Had I read a post on this thread below, my trash would have been added to that on the beach, since I am one of those IMMAGRANTS and it was expected of me. Why disappoint? True colors on the site are showing finally.
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