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Sandbridge report

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Fishing the north end of sandbridge this week right at dam neck.

Got out at first light, winds not too bad. Managed a few small blues and croaker on squid. By 9am, the only action was crab. Returned just before high tide at 10:30, nasty wind, current and grass. Soaked heads on the heaver and cut on lighter rods with no luck. Nothing but grass coming in and 4 oz not holding well. Fishing is too slow to bother with sputniks. I might try again at dusk.
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It is NOT a recreational license law. You may fish as many rods as you like, although piers can impose their own limits as they see fit.
Dr B....you just saved me from a lot of reading. I hadn't seen that 3 rod limit in the regs before. Wasn't looking forward to searching their site for that needle in a haystack.
Thanks for clarifying.
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