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Saltwater License

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I'm aware that fishing areas of the bay in Virginia requires a saltwater fishing license... either held by the individual, the boat, or the pier. I've picked up somewhere on this board that the City of Virginia Beach might be thinking of adding their own "permit" to fish within the City (hope I'm mistaken on that one as it may be illegal for them to do so and its probably a rumor anyway)

North Carolina has been flirting with a saltwater fishing license for several years, and may be closer now than ever.

I am confused as to how I actually feel about the saltwater license requirement in Va. As a Va. resident, I already have purchased a Virginia fishing license, so why should I then have to purchase a saltwater license? I may feel more receptive if I knew what the saltwater license monies were used for. As it now stands, I think that the State just found another way to tax me.

So. some of you guys on here who also live in Tidewater (I live in the Piedmont) may be able to educate me. How about it?

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I don't mind paying for the license and I also agree there should be a combined fresh/saltwater license.

I also hope that they would use some of that money for us shore fishermen. The public access for shore fishing is shrinking each year. I would gradly pay more if they devote more money for public access for us shore guys.

I went fishing in Florida last year at St. Sebastian Inlet which is a State Park. You would not believe how well laid out that place is for the shore fishermen. They have surf, jetty, piers, bridges. The place was so well laid out takin the fishermen right where a fishermen would want to be. I would say a shore fisherman had to design the place.

If you ever want to fish in Florida, check this place out. I went around Thanksgiving time. In the fall they have huge flounders, snook, speckled trout, red drum, black drum, blue fish, pampanos, groupers, spanish macks and even saltwater catfish (these are like our toad fish, except some say the sail catfish is good to eat). Snook is like stripers on steroids and one of the most delicious fish I've ever had. In the inlet, you do get hung up a lot.

Virginia authorities could learn a lot from the Floridians.
For example, why dont they build a pier and in certain areas of the pier put some darn structures. They sure like to make structures for the boaters, but never think about us shore fishermen.

While I am on this tirade, why don't the CBBT authorities build some access for the other islands for fishermen only. I am not talking about a full fledged pier which I know would be expensive, but I know they had to have some excess materials after the other bridge was built. Why not use it for some rock jetties, etc. Hell, I would pay 25$ to get a way from the tourists. I fish there during the summer in the day and even in the fall I get annoyed at most of the tourists.

Sounds like I need a boat.
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