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Saltwater Angler Survey Results
View results from the Saltwater Angler Survey, current as of June 16, 2003.


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) conducts the saltwater angler survey to collect information about the trends and preferences of saltwater anglers in Florida. Over 4,500 respondents have completed the survey since June 2002. The data collected from this survey will help researchers understand the dynamics of recreational fishing, which will advance better management, conservation, and maintenance of the health and abundance of Florida's marine resources.

Questions Answers
1. Where do you do most of your fishing? Inshore 50.4%
Offshore 17.9%
Both 31.6%
2. In what part of Florida do you do most of your fishing? East coast 40.8%
West coast 37.7%
Florida Keys 6.2%
Florida Panhandle 15.3%
3. How often do you fish in Florida saltwater each year? Less than 10 times: 8.2%
10–30 times: 35.4%
Greater than 30 times: 56.4%
4. What type of fishing do you usually engage in?
(25% or more of your annual fishing days) Guided 7.0%
(party, charter, guide)
Private boat 83.9%
Land 30.4%
(pier, bridge, shore, wade)
5. What species groups do you usually target?
(groups that you fish for 25% or more of your annual fishing days) Finfish 99.5%
Molluscs 4.1%
(scallops, clams, oysters, etc.)
Crustaceans 10.7 %
(crabs, lobsters, shrimp, etc.)
6. If you fish for finfish, what are your target species?
(species that you fish for 25% or more of your annual fishing days) Inshore species 74.9%
(red drum, seatrout, snook, flounder, etc.)
Nearshore species 25.1%
(tarpon, bonefish, pompano, etc.)
Coastal bottom species 45.4%
(groupers, snappers, grunts, triggerfish, etc.)
Coastal pelagic species 43.3%
(mackerels, tunas, billfishes, jacks, cobia, bluefish, sharks, etc.)
7. Would you be willing to participate in future surveys and receive information regarding the results of these surveys? Yes 75.2%
No 24.8%
8. Do you have a Florida saltwater fishing license? Yes 83.4%
No 16.6%

Florida's Top 10 Sought After Saltwater Game Fish

Sea Trout
King Mackerel
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