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SSSSHHHHHHH.........I was gonna do a report on the fishing conditions,and you had to let it out the bag :D

Well like LouDog reported,the larger,artificial bait hitting grey's have moved to Ruddee.Went last nite @ 6pm(during the monsoon)and hooked up with some nice 3lbs trout.
The fish were hitting on all artificial bait,esp Green 4 inch Storm Shads,White & pink grubs,Charteuse grubs,buck-tails.
Hitting pretty hard lastnite.Hit pretty good during slack to high tide.
Lotsa blues,and puppy drum.Saw plenty of bait fish.

Heard also during the AM and around noon a couple of size and weight(Grey's) citations,per Anthony @ PA Distrubitors.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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