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I was born&raised on the Nanticoke River in the village of Bivalve,Md.The home and my Mom are still there.Front doorstep is about 35-40 ft from the rivers edge.The river there is just under 2 miles wide and averages about 7-12ft in depth.Along the east bank of the river where it widens the bottom is mostly hard sand and clay with some patches of mud.
Sunday AM we(my son,me and my best friend from the village of Tyaskin)had breakfast and were drinking coffee at the picnic table at nautical dawn.We had 3 rods each out.They were baited with bloodworms and fresh herring.
Fished till nautical twilight with nary a bite of anything,not even a catfish or an eel.
But it was a beautiful day and we were quite comfortable and dear old Mom,83years young, fed us like only a Mom can.She is a great cook.I know I enjoyed my first extended out door stay and made out pretty well for a handicapped/disabled fat old fart.
I think my son is off both Sat.&Sun. next weekend if so we'll be fishing there again on Sat while we watch the 1st day of the NFL Draft.
Think perhaps we'll ride down to Crisfield early Sun to watch the Sport Cast Tournament.
'Pens on I guess.
It was so pleasant fishing there at home;no parking problems, no problems with discourteous people,no idiots.Just the 3 of us and some gulls,a Great Blue Heron and a pair of Osprey.
Water temp was only 50deg. Neil
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