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Roof Rack

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Hey guys and gals,

I drive a 2013 ford escape. It doesn't have any of the necessities for a roof rack, just a bare roof. So, I'm looking at buying a roof rack to carry 2 12' kayaks weighing 68 lb each. Any recommendations? Thanks!!
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The rack foot and clips can be the expensive parts. If you're able to find a used system you'd still most likely have to buy those new. Have you considered converting a used jet ski trailer? Sometimes you can find one for less than $200, then you also don't have to lift a kayak onto your car's roof.
Most after market rack base system's are pretty muck the same, one brand may be a little less expensive or have less wind noise. I have a areo blade yakima system was $500 ish new. was supposed to be quieter than the Thule set up but it still has some noise.
Yes, unfortunately I have no where to put it when it is not in use. So, I guess I am just going to have to bite the bullet and buy one.
I have the towers/foot packs for a Thule rack on my F150. They are plenty strong. I wouldn't hesitate to put two kayaks on them.

I also have the foot pack that straps to factory side rails for my wife's Edge. I don't trust them and cringe every time I put a boat on that truck. I was told the weight rating is 70 pounds on those side rails. I would be careful if you are installing some kind of factory or OEM side rails.
sounds good. I was planning on thule foot packs to do it. Thank!
Sounds Good. Just purchased the Thule squarebars with the foot packs and then I got the J holders to put kayaks on, and then I got a windscreen to help with the noise.
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