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Ron Sutton in Hospital

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Ron Sutton is in intensive care with Meningitis.The last info I had he had been in a coma for 24 hours. He's in Rockdale Hospital in Conyers Ga. Let's all pull together and pray for Ron and his family.

God Bless CrackerBob
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i'm pulling for ron i hope he gets well soon.
Yes, please tell him, when you can, that everyone on the boards is thinking of him!
I second mark and poser, best wishes to Ron for a speedy recovery.
Tight lines and popped riggers
many prayers for Ron.
If possible could you keep us updated on Ron's condition? Many thanks.
Tight lines and popped riggers
Hi "Topsailbum",
At this time I would like to "Officially Welcome" you to the "Distance Casting" forum.
Ron's Daughter Brenda gave an update yesterday. "She reports that ron has pneumonia and his heart and liver are not functioning properly. He was on a ventilater yesterday and did not respond to pain, however, he is off the ventilater today and has responded to pain, although still unconscious." I got the update off Ron's board from last night.

Let's keep Ron in our prayers.

thanks longcaster, just thought i would peek in and see what was going on
Ron's Daughter Brenda put an update on his condition on his board late last night. www.ronsutton.org

Ron's fighting hard and needs everyone praying for him.

Brenda gave an update on Ron's condition last night. He opened his eyes and showed a positive response to questions.The doctors feel a full recovery is possible. Lets keep the prayers in Ron's corner.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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