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1)- Built at Hatteras Jacks's by Ryan White and father. 1509 lite version (much like 1508) 2/1 piece, black/gold thread work with school of fish swimming, top has 8" of gold thread to help when night fishing. Used one season, 12'3", excellent - $250.

2)- Built by Red Drum Tackle. re-wrapped by 8NBait, G-Loomis 1448 11'9", lighthouse wrap at bottom, blue threads at guides. First custom rod about 7 years old, very good shape with ONE exception ( 1/4" crack/blemish in threads where top section connects to bottom...noticed it two years ago but have throw it using 8oz and never been a problem; Dan at Red Drum said he has one exactly the same way and its never been a problem). Since I've moved up to more serious rods, this one gets no use anymore - $150.

If you want pics, email and will send. Tight lines, John VA-Apraisr.
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