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If you are speaking of American company, and you mean American manufacturer (made in the USA), the number is limited.
Talon makes some very nice surf blanks. They are located in Washington state.

http://www.talon-graphite.com/Blank section/Saltwater Blank sub folders/Uluasaltwaterblanks.htm

The ratings of the BCY029 seems to be in the range of what you may want.

14'0" 2 40-60 6-8 Med - Fast - Bait Casting 26 mm BCY029 $310.37

The 40-60 line rating would indicate sufficient power in the handle and mid sections.
A lure rating of 6 to 8 ounces, tells me that 125 to 150 grams may be the tournament range.

Talon is one of the better rods being sold in Hawaii.
Although I have seen several Talons, I'm not sure if I have handled the BCY029.

For accurate information, email Dwight.
[email protected]

I have no affiliation with Talon.

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