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If you are speaking of American company, and you mean American manufacturer (made in the USA), the number is limited.
Talon makes some very nice surf blanks. They are located in Washington state.

http://www.talon-graphite.com/Blank section/Saltwater Blank sub folders/Uluasaltwaterblanks.htm

The ratings of the BCY029 seems to be in the range of what you may want.

14'0" 2 40-60 6-8 Med - Fast - Bait Casting 26 mm BCY029 $310.37

The 40-60 line rating would indicate sufficient power in the handle and mid sections.
A lure rating of 6 to 8 ounces, tells me that 125 to 150 grams may be the tournament range.

Talon is one of the better rods being sold in Hawaii.
Although I have seen several Talons, I'm not sure if I have handled the BCY029.

For accurate information, email Dwight.
[email protected]

I have no affiliation with Talon.


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Even after almost two decades of competitive casting I'm not sure how you quantify "competition grade".

When I started competing back in 98 I used a Lamiglass, then a Breakaway, a Greys (all fishing rods that were used on the field). I then purchased a Zzipplex and after a few years a Century. I went through several AFAW's (really just fishing rods, some very stiff).

As my skill level increased I was able to bend progressively stiffer rods and obtain more distance.

I have observed over the years a recurring theme in fishing rods used on the field for competition. A caster/fisherman sees the top level casters on the field and thinks.... those guys are using XYZ brand super stiff Primo-Excalibur-AAA-TTR-Full Tournament rods so he buys one thinking it is the key to distance, only to become frustrated when his distance actually goes down because he cannot bend the new rod. The fact is, you must have very good technique OR be a very powerful guy (still needs some technique) to ever get the performance potential out of a super stiff 14-15' long tournament rod.

Are Cast Pro Series rods "competition grade"?? In the hands of many guys, my 13' 6-10 or 8-12 will perform on par with or even better than some of the top name tourney rods. The CPS heavers are designed to be plenty powerful to throw heavy weight a long way but still bend enough through the butt section to be easier on the body. What this translates to on the casting field is a rod that will throw 125-150 grams a very long way with a tournament style cast. I can add a 12' extension to the butt for a 14' rod that will give even more range.

It is asking A LOT of any rod to be user friendly while fishing and be a top notch performer for world class casters on the field. I have a wall full of Century and Zzipplex tournament rods that I just don't enjoy fishing at all. Too long, too stiff, and too heavy. I would not relish the thought of fighting a big drum on one of these beasts.

Can the CPS rods be used for fishing and field??



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Im sorry i dont mean any disrespect to you Tommy and the quality of your rods. I had the pleasure of casting one of the CCP rods before thats why i reached out to you to make a rod that i want. The rod was light easy to load and cast a mile. Right now im using Daiwa Ballistic rods 33-35 405 with Daiwa 7htst reels. I wanted to add another rod to my collection and i was thinking of one of the Century rods c or j Excalibur rods but doesnt look like they are easy to come by. I wanted to bring up the discussion if there where any other US market rods that have the same quality as these other rods and other companies when it seems that they are on the top of the list in the market of surf rods.
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