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Rod in Snowboard rack

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I am going to VA Beach on Wednesday night for a wedding that I am in on Saturday. I will have to give some people a ride back to DC on Sunday. Do you guys think I could put my long surf rods in my snowboard rack on top of my Jeep Cherokee?? Its a long drive and I dont drive slow. What are the chances my rods will make it home in one peice up on the roof? :eek: Any alternatives you could suggest?
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take the reels off the rods , and insert the rods in pvc , wrap newspaper to keep them from rattling and some pvc caps on then ends of the tubes. stick them on top of the car this way .make sure you tie them down on top of the car

just my 2 cents worth.

good luck and happy trails !;)
How many rods are you planning to tie up there and what length? If the rods can be taken apart into 6' lengths, I don't see why you can't zip tie them together and rope tie it to the rack. Just make sure you put the butt and tip of the rod facing towards the front of the car and tie them down real good.

Another alternative would be carrying inside the car on the roof. There was a post not too long ago of a really nice interior roof rack, only about $50 or so to make. Much better alternative than the first and less likely to break a rod considering replacing the rod would be much more than $50. Goodluck.
When me an Budlight go to HI he uses his ski rack to transport his rods. An he definetly dosen't drive slow. :)

I will be taking 5 surf rods up to 12 feet and 3 bassin rods at 7 feet each. They all break down but the long top section of my 12' Tica is 7 feet. I think I will go plumber style for this trip with the PVC on the roof. I am definately going to look into the roof rack for the inside of the Jeep. Thanks guys! :D
I would think the snowboard rack would be fine. Like Cdog said, I have used a ski rack to haul rods for many years and no damge yet. Much better to haul them in a vertical position on top than standing upright in a rod rack.

ole B; it may be too late for this trip, but just so you know for the future thule makes a product that is originally designed to transport skis that i use to transport my rods. so i see no reason why you could not use the snow board rack that you presently own. just make just that it is a very snug fit and it has a lock.

p.s. you may want to post a "wanted, thule ski rack" message on this site and see what kinda responses you get. have fun and DO NOT GET MARRIED!

ralph :p
Indio has the right idea! Just returned from OBX with my two 12' Tica's. Put them in a 4" PVC tube that they arrived in from an online store. Bunji cords and backup rope held them to my Jeep. No rocks, water or miscellaneous fod disturbed them. Gotta watch those guides! ;)

Not Me

Thanks for the advice Ralph. I'm not the one getting hitched. :D :cool:
I have used ski (snowboard) racks for years. Currently, I use one made by Yakima. It will haul 13 rods of various lengths safely in a horizontal position, and...it locks for security.

I remove my reels from the rods prior to transport. I carry them in a reel bag made for saltwater reels that I purchased from Cabela's.

I have never used PVC pipe. I would think that the rods would rattle around inside the tube, thereby marring the finish of the rods. Also, it would seem that a number of tubes would be required to haul a variety of different rods. Not the case with the ski racks.
Fired up!!

Thanks for all of the good advice guys. Unfortuneatly I will not be fishing this weekend in VA beach as I planned. :mad: I had some school scheduling issues pop up and I had to push my departure back by 28 hours. I am not happy about this since those were the 28 hours I should have been fishing. I hope I can make it down there in time to play golf with the guys.
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