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If you give them an ugly stik, a $30-$40 mass produced graphite rod, and a high end high modulus graphite rod, they will soon find out the difference.

Of course all rods can catch fish equally, theoretically speaking.

Fiberglass tend to carry on a little bit more weight, and generally have a moderate action. Great for fighting fish, but not so great at casting. Very durable material. It takes brute force to get long distances.

Composite is a mixture of both and has properties of both graphite advantages and durability of fiberglass. Weight is between all fiberglass and all graphite.

Graphite...this is what you call carbon fiber. Very light weight, making it ideal to fish with all day without fatigue. Mod-Fast to fast action. This is the kind of action you want for low effort long distance casting. Very sensitive compared to fiberglass. Almost always the hands down preferred choice for most fishermen. Disadvantage....probably price....cost more than any other material. Some would argue the benefits fully out weight the cost of the rod.
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